Heartburn Treatment

Picture of Human Esophagus

Team. Technology. Treatment. An Answer for Heartburn.

Our practice of medicine is based on a holistic approach to healthcare that addresses the entire person - the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. We are committed to providing exceptional care while preserving each person's dignity, demonstrating compassion and showing respect for all faith traditions.

We specialize in comprehensive care for esophageal disorders, including GERD, Barrett's esophagus (a precancerous condition) and early esophageal cancer.

From advanced diagnostics to breakthrough treatments, a team of board-certified gastroenterologists offers a variety of solutions to help those who suffer with heartburn. Treatment options include dietary management, medication, as well as laser ablation therapy, Argon Plasma Photocoagulation (APC) and GI Motility studies. The clinic also provides education, support groups, research opportunities and serves as a resource for primary care providers and their patients.

Our Services

Among the advanced diagnostic tests and treatments we provide are:

  • High definition endoscopy - provides physicians with greater clarity and visibility when examining the lining of the GI tract using imaging and video technology.

  • Esophageal dilation - a procedure the physician uses to stretch a narrowed area of the esophagus

  • Botox injection - to paralyze and relax the muscles at the bottom of the esophagus in patients with a condition that causes difficulty with swallowing

Care for Mind, Body and Spirit